innovation & excellence (from 25m 2  up to 3200 m 2 ) gardens of Eden (good for all living creatures) starting from still young, intensified since 1992 7 projects; Belgium, the Netherlands, designing; implementing; improving Innovation of the year :  Tuinen van Appeltern (pots) designing a production line, setting it up, making it work ref. dendrology, geo. arboretum Tervuren (B), top British designers, Royal Hortical Society look at it together with my specialization in environmental psychology!
working with living things, that change, interact and evolve according to their own rules complex statistical degrees of freedom a younster still must learn
(the last one is the best one, so should it also be, but waiting for money to buy a GoPro-camera) indeed; a hebbian algorithm (like Google’s DeepMind)
GOAL gardens
This website will be profiling us as true landscape gardeners, from small gardens, upto landscapes. Operating from the crosspoint of Germany - Belgium - The Netherlands, hopefully l’Ardenne Bleue, in the heart of economic Europe although we can move gladly to new places. These RHS merits and others? They are very good for someone to check. But, like all, they are not everything, not a godly criterium we must adore without questions. Take two of our favorites ; Canna “Burgundy Blush” This tropical one is fertile, that means OK for insects, it’s extraordinary beautiful in its leaves, and produces a lot of seeds. Thanks to Karchesky Canna. Rosa “Louis Rambler” a rambler rose from Louis Lens (1997), its abundant white flowering, the superb smell of moschata hybrids, attracting lots of insects, and the many cute orange rose hips are greatly appreciated by birds, in autumn.
My garden to live in! Do I want to await each day eagerly? Always something surprising? Each year different? And may I? Yes, yes, we agree on sharing the work, the input.
Time to also harvest the good things man did for nature
Towards to some YouTube movies about the private garden and pictures of the former public garden